English Accent Reduction Course – Abu Dhabi

AED1,837.50 Inc. VAT



Accent Reduction Course in Abu Dhabi

Starting 2nd April to 4th May on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday from 17pm – 19pm

If you are easily understood when you write English, but not easily understood when you speak English, then the Accent Reduction course will enhance your ability to speak clearly. Accents cannot be completely eliminated; our accent is a part of who we are and our culture. However, when learning a new language, the sounds of your own language sometimes make it difficult for native speakers to understand you. Take Accent reduction to reduce the pronunciation of certain words to be understood better.

Communicate more clearly at an amazing price of AED 650 (originally AED 1350). The 20 hour course starts on the 2nd April 2017.


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Course Schedule Details:

  • Start Date: 2nd April 2017
  • End date: 4th May 2017
  • Classes for 2 hours on Saturdays from 17pm – 19pm

What You Get

  • 20-hour  Accent Reduction course for AED 650 originally priced at AED 1350 (AED 1150 course fee + AED 50 course material +AED 150 Registration fee)
  • Material worth AED 50
  • Registration fee Included (AED 150)
  • All for an amazingly low price of AED 650!
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