Farsi: Starter Level – Dubai

AED1,837.50 Inc. VAT



Farsi Starter Course in Dubai

Starting 30th June to 1st September 2018 on Saturday from 15:00 -18:00

Farsi or Persian is a language rich with expression. Because of its many layers and immense depth it allows poets and writers to beautifully portray thoughts which may otherwise be too intangible and abstract to express. With over 72 million speakers worldwide, this fascinating language has become indispensable.


Learn this poetic language now at an amazing price of just AED 682.50 Incl.VAT  (originally AED 1837.50 Incl.VAT ), and start speaking Farsi like a native in no time. The 30 hour course starts on the 30th June 2018.



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Course Schedule Details:

  • Start Date: 30th June  2018
  • End date: 1st September 2018
  • Classes for 3 hours on on Saturdays from 15:00 -18:00


What You Get

  • 30-hour  Starter level Farsi course
  • Registration fee Included
  • All for an amazingly low price of AED 682.50 Incl.VAT!


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